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Why Buy A Premium Font?

If you’re wondering why, in a sea of freebies on the internet, blogs, or even social media that can provide you with a free font, you should get a premium font for your graphic design work, let us break it down in this blog post so by the end you get an idea of the process behind making a font, how it can offer you more convenience, and many extra perks you won’t get with most free fonts today. Let’s dive into it.

Time and Idea

First and foremost, fonts involve a significant amount of time in crafting. Many decisions were made in order to create it, and many choices were made to ensure the quality was top-notch. Sorting through ideas one by one, went through many iterations, and tinkered with the options and process before deciding which one to use on the final product.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

At our studio, all of those steps and requirements are fundamental for us to achieve our main goal, which you may be wondering what it is. Simply put, we want to ensure that every item we make is of high quality and worthwhile for our customers, including yours.

Precision, Legibility

Above, we discussed our main goal when creating a font, and how our concern is to create a worthy finished product, which cannot be achieved if we do not work hard enough to spend extra time on a few things. Font creation requires precision as well as the ability to align nodes over nodes to ensure no jagged or strange angles that can cause poor proportional shape or distortion.

2a by Nik 2

Another consideration is legibility. Have you ever tried to read a font and found it difficult to figure out what it says when you type a word into it? No need to worry. Here at our studio, legibility is considered one of the priorities on a basic level before we move into digitalizing the font itself. We have attention to detail when managing kerning, spacing, and adjusting every single node to ensure the font that gets into your collection is proper and easy to read, while also maintaining the overall look of the font itself to be clean and proper at every part of it.

Transparency on Licenses and Save you from Headache

Premium fonts offer a variety of licenses to suit your needs, whether for a personal project or for commercial and professional use. You will see all of that before you decide to make a purchase, so you will know what project you can do with it when you decide to use the font. On the other hand, free fonts could be limited to personal use only and do not allow you to profit from your project if it is registered under that type of license.


Oh, and if that free font is used for commercial purposes, you could be sued. In order to save you from all of that, every premium font you purchase from Arterfak Studio will come with complete transparency regarding the license and what you can do with it, so there will be no confusion. You can enjoy and relax while working on projects without worrying about lawsuits.

More Pieces and Slices

4 02

Not all freebies are bad, but some have limitations. Some display fonts, for example, do not come with special characters built-in, which can create difficulties when you need to use them. On the other hand, because premium implies quality, that quality should be displayed on the premium font itself, and one way to do so is to address that limitation. The amount of goodies packed into a premium font is one of the significant advantages you get when you choose one over a free font.

Do you want to add some stylistic alternates? You’ve got it! Do you require some ligatures? We’ve got you covered! Do you want to write some words but require a multilingual character? We’ve got your back! Besides that, you also get a wide range of punctuation and symbols. It’ll all come in handy when you need to use any of that material in a project you’re working on. Because there is so much variety, it is easier to differentiate your design result and explore more options along the way.

Exclusivity and Easy Support System For You

Premium fonts gave you an edge because they made your work stand out from the crowd. This is due to the fact that purchasing it gives you exclusivity and reduces the possibility that others will use the same font as you.

5 by Brett Jordan

Additionally, unlike most free fonts, you can get full customer support from the font creator or studio that created it if you have any problems with the premium font that you purchased, whether it is about how to use some of its features like alternates and ligatures or if the font has some technical issues with it. This also applies to our studio; if you encounter any issues with the font, please reach out to us and we will aid you in resolving the issues.


Some font studios, including ours, operate on a small scale, so when you choose to purchase premium fonts, we really appreciate it; you have supported the continuation of type designer activities to work and create more good and useful fonts for graphic designers around the world.

6 by Jakub Zerdzicki

We strive to maintain the quality things listed above at our studio, and your support and appreciation will undoubtedly spark our spirit to do so.

Best Regard

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